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This term, we have introduced the children to Homework.  We believe as a school that Homework is an important part of the learning process as it helps to consolidate the knowledge, skills and understanding of concepts that have been learnt in school. Homework helps to develop confidence, independence and responsibility and enable parents to share their child’s education in partnership with the school.

Below are two questions to provide more information about the new scheme.


1. What homework will I be receiving for my child?

Following on from feedback we received from parents during lockdown, we have decided to issue homework books to help support your child’s learning at home. Children will receive the following:

·         Times Table Workbook

·         Maths Targeted Question Book (Years 5 and 6 only)

·         Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) Targeted Question Book

·         Spelling sheets - They will also continue to practise each day in school and be tested within their Year Group.

·         Reading - It is also important that your child continues to read on a daily basis. This can be a book or they can read the Bug Club books which have been allocated to them. We shall be issuing you a reading log for them to complete.


The books sent home will be Year Group specific so you can see what your child should be expected to do by the end of the school year. If you find the workbooks too hard or you need support with the homework, please let your child’s teacher know in the first instance through the Year Group email at the bottom of the page.

There will be answers at the back of each of the above books for you to self-mark alongside your child. Teachers will check homework completion once a week. We would like homework to be brought in each Friday.

 We will be providing your child with a wallet with their name on specifically to keep their homework books in to bring to and from school each week.  Please make sure your child looks after the books and wallets as replacements will come with a cost.

Teachers will allocate which pages of the workbook to complete each week. The schedule for each term will be uploaded below.

Summer 1 (2021)

Y4 Homework Summer 1

Summer 2 (2021)

Y3 Homework Summer 2

Y6 Homework Summer 2

Spring 1 (2021)

Y3 Homework Spring 1

Y4 Homework Spring 1

Y5 Homework Spring 1

Y6 Homework Spring 1


Autumn 2 (2020)

Y3 Homework schedule

Y4 Homework schedule

Y5 Homework schedule

Y6 Homework schedule


2. How much time should be spent on homework?

Reading – at least 10 minutes per day. Please make sure you complete the reading log.

It is important to practise spellings and times tables on a daily basis.

Other activities set from the workbooks should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

We shall also be introducing a point system for children where they will receive individual points for Reading, Maths and SPaG each week.  Children with the highest points at the end of each half term will be rewarded with a games/movie/ICT afternoon. In addition, the class with the highest participation each week in each year group will receive the Reading, Maths and SPaG trophy.

If you have any feedback about the homework your child is receiving, or you are unsure about how best you can support your child’s learning, the first point of contact must always be the class teacher who you can contact via your year group email below.


Finally, please remember that homework should be a positive and hopefully fun learning experience to be shared by child and parent!