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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities - Junior

  • 02392 663645
  • Kings Academy College Park, Crofton Road, Portsmouth PO2 0NT

Every child has the right to learn in a nurturing environment with plenty of opportunity to succeed in their learning and overall well-being. Our pupils are encouraged to achieve individual outcomes both educationally and socially in order for them to succeed in their personal life and within the wider community.

At King's Academy College Park, we know this will look different for each child and many strategies and adaptations might be employed for each child to be successful in order to maximise their progress. Staff continue to adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils through appropriate differentiation within an inclusive setting.  Teachers and support staff plan for individual children alongside group planning, deliver in an inclusion friendly environment, and set new targets in response to learning. Parents are the foremost educators of their children and must be involved at every level.

The Portsmouth Local SEND offer

For more information, please see the statutory documents below or contact our school's INCo and pastoral team lead, via the school phone number.