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To purchase uniform with our school logo, please click the supplier link below.

Why do we have a uniform?

We believe that having a school uniform can play a key role in:

  • Promoting the ethos of a school
  • Providing a sense of belonging and identity
  • Setting an appropriate tone for education

Our uniform also promotes our identity as a part of King's Group Academies. 

It is incredibly important to us for the uniform to act as a social leveller, which is why we are asking for no branding/logos (e.g. Nike, Adidas etc) on items of clothing worn into school. These items should be reserved for wearing outside the school.

As you can imagine, for a school of our size, labelling of all clothing is vital.

School Uniform:
  • Branded navy blue jumper or cardigan
  • Additional navy blue jumper or cardigans can also be purchased
  • Gold or yellow polo shirt
  • Black trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore dress
  • Gold or yellow gingham dress
  • Smart black footwear without obvious/coloured logos
  • Plain navy blue book bag


PE Kit:
  • Plain gold or yellow t-shirt
  • Black shorts without obvious/coloured logos
  • Black jogging bottoms without obvious/coloured logos (for colder weather)
  • Black jumper without obvious/coloured logos (for colder weather)
  • Black trainers without obvious/coloured logos
  • Plain navy blue PE bag

All pupils are expected to only use a navy blue book bag or small navy blue backpack to transport key items to and from school (i.e. homework, reading books, and letters), a navy blue PE bag and use an appropriate lunch box.

Where to buy:

All branded items need to be purchased from our supplier Price and Buckland

Gold T-shirts: Marks and Spencers (£3 - £6)

Gold PE T-shirts: Marks and Spencers (£2.50 - £3.50)


Below are some suggestions of where to purchase key uniform items: 


Girls Black Trousers: 

Asda (2 pack: £8 - £12)

Asda (2 pack: £7 - £11)

Sainsburys (2 pack: £7 - £11)


Boys Black Trousers:

Sainsburys (4 pack: £14 - £22)

Asda (2 pack: £7 - £13)


Girls Black Shorts: 

Asda (£6 - £8)

Marks & Spencer (£9 - £14)

Next (£12 - £18)

Next (£9 - £15)

John Lewis (£9 - £15)

Argos (£6 - £7)


Boys Black Shorts: 

Asda (2 pack: £6 - £10)

Sainsburys (2 pack: £6 - £10)


Black Skirts:

Sainsburys (4 pack: £12 - £20)

Asda (2 pack: £8 - £14)


Yellow summer dresses can be purchased from most high street stores.