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Executive Headteacher

Mr. R Hunter


Head of School

Ms. A. Beechurst


Assistant Headteachers

Mr. K. Grandison          Mrs. K. Pycroft


Inclusion Coordinator (INCo)

Ms. H. Merel



Staffing from September 2020

Year 3 Classes


Image result for oslo norway flag

Mrs. Longhurst

(Year Leader)

Ms. Merel


Image result for copenhagen denmark flag

Mrs. Bannister-Palmer
Helsinki Image result for helsinki finland flag

Mrs. Hynes-Kelly

Mrs. Gaston

Stockholm Image result for helsinki sweden flag

Miss. Taylor

Year 3 Support Staff

Miss. Stretton         Mrs. Farrell         Mr. Brown  



Year 4 Classes

Lima Image result for peru flag

Mrs. Byrne

(Year Leader)

Ottawa Image result for canada flag

Miss. Ward

Santiago Image result for flag for santiago country

Mrs. Gibbon

Washington Image result for usa flag

Mr. Taylor

Year 4 Support Staff

Mrs. Martin       Mrs. Coleman      Mrs. Nicholson   



Year 5 Classes

Singapore Image result for malaysia flag

Mrs. Pycroft

(Year Leader)

Miss Clark

Tokyo Image result for japan flag Mrs. Davis
Hanoi Image result for vietnam flag

Mrs. Sands

Mrs. Holman

Kathmandu  Image result for nepal flag Mrs. van Wyk

Year 5 Support Staff

Mrs. Hadley     Ms. Phillips     Mrs. Wilson       Mrs. Rodriguez



Year 6 Classes
Port Louis

Image result for mauritius flag

Mr. Grandison

(Year Leader)

Miss Clark

Cape Town Image result for south africa flag Miss. Dawkins
Maputo Image result for mozambique flag Miss. Millson
Lusaka Image result for zambia flag Ms. MacDonald

Year 6 Support Staff

Mrs. Hatherley     Mrs. Russell      Miss. Starnes


Additional HLTA Staff

Mrs. Foster          Miss. Wright


Admin & Finance Staff

Mrs. Day

Ms. Thomas

Miss. Newbrook

Mrs. Buckland

Mrs. Underwood


Additional School Staff

Mrs. Willis - Business Manager

Mr. Jacobs  - Site Manager